More than 200 enhancements and new features available!

More than 200 enhancements and new features available!
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LUXEMBURG – September 15, 2017 – Today the latest version of the Morzino platform went online, offering more than 200 enhancements and new features.

The virtual classroom has been completely redesigned, and the new "classbook" app can now be used to record activities, homework and student attendances for example.

The total number of apps in the virtual classroom has been reduced from 20 to 12, while all previous features are still available. Thus working with the virtual classroom tools show now be easier than ever before.

You may now easily get your own classroom online, with pages including news, photos, texts, schedules, etc. It isn't even required to set up an own website on Morzino anymore if you'd like to publish your student's work.

Furthermore we redesigned the entire website – many areas have been cleaned up, and the entire platform should now be even more user-friendly.

More than 200 enhancements and new features available!
PDF, 227 kb

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